Birch Bay Organics

Pickford, Michigan

Grass-fed Wagyu — the answers to our wildest dreams for the perfect meat. This holy grail of bovine could only be raised on pure water, air, and pastures. Birch Bay Organics found this trifecta of purity in a corner of the world where three Great Lakes merge and the boreal forest meets the alkaline soils of the Niagara escarpment. 

Birch Bay Organics harvests beef after a minimum vintage of 26 months on pasture, allowing the full expression of the wagyu genetics to marble through. There is a magical moment late in the fall, just past the full moon of the first frost. This is when the northern grasses release their final explosion of sugars from the roots to the plant. The cattle are finished on this sweet grass, infusing a finale of flavor into the meat. This phenomenon is unique to the northern latitudes, where hearty farmers work the frozen fields to raise this delicacy.