Frequently Asked Questions


How do I pay for my order?

You’ll pay for your groceries and delivery fees upfront when you submit your order. We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal, Shop Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

How far in advance can I schedule an order? 

Currently, your order is placed immediately and you’ll be able to pick a delivery day 2–3 days out from when you placed your order.

Can I edit my order? Or can you add _______ to my order?

Yes, we can take care of that for you. Send us an email at and we'll do our best to accommodate any changes.

Is this a subscription service?

No, at this time all orders are individually placed. Our YumMI Club offers unlimited delivery and additional perks for one set monthly or annual price, but you do not need to be a member to make a purchase.

How do you source your products/find your partners? 

Over the past several years we have cultivated relationships with Michigan growers, processors and distributors that specialize in high-quality, Michigan-grown products. Some are brands you know and love, others are smaller or newcomers to the Michigan food scene. All are united by the desire to produce quality Michigan-grown products. 

Is there a minimum I have to reach to order? 

Yes, our order minimum is $35 + $9.95 for delivery. If you wish to join our membership club, delivery is $15/month or $99/year for unlimited deliveries. 

How do you package the food? 

Most of our products come in their retail-ready packaging and are placed in a corrugated box for delivery to your door. Things that need to be kept cool are packed with an ice pack. 

What is your return policy? 

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, send us an email at and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to resolve the issue. 

How do I know my personal information is secure? 

Our site is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, which means your personal and credit card info is safe and secure.

How do I cancel an existing order? 

Orders can be canceled up until 4pm on the day prior to your scheduled delivery date. To cancel, email with your request.


How does delivery work? 

At the time of order you’ll select your delivery date (usually within 2–3 days). Our drivers will leave your order outside your door and you’ll receive notification that delivery has been completed. Check out our How it Works page for a more detailed breakdown. 

Will you deliver to my location? 

We deliver within 35 miles of our Eastern Market pickup station. Use our Delivery Validator Tool to see if we deliver to your home.

Do I need to be home when the food is delivered? 

Nope! There’s no interaction required with our delivery team. We’ll send you a notification when your products are out for delivery and once your products have been delivered. 

Will you let me know my delivery time?

Yes! On the day before your delivery you'll receive a text message with an estimated delivery window. On the day of delivery you'll receive another text message when your driver is approximately 30 minutes away. You'll receive a confirmation text message after your delivery has been made.

Can I switch my delivery day? 

Orders can be edited or changed up until 4pm on the day prior to your scheduled delivery date. To change your delivery day, email with your request.

Can I request a delivery at a specific time? 

No, orders are generally delivered between 10am and 7pm. You do not need to be home to accept the order. 

Are there delivery fees? 

Yes, our delivery fee is $9.95 per order.

Are tips accepted/expected? 

Thank you, but no. Although that's very generous of you, our drivers will not accept tips. 

Is there anything you can do to prevent theft? 

Order enough food that it’s too heavy to pick up and run away with. In all seriousness, if you’re concerned about theft, leave specific delivery directions in the notes section at checkout and our drivers will do their best to follow them. 

Can I pick up my order or does it have to be delivered? 

It’s your choice! We offer pickup from our facility in Detroit’s Eastern Market district for $4.95 or delivery for $9.95. You’ll be able to choose your method at checkout. (Want to change methods? Email before 4pm on the day prior to your scheduled delivery or pickup date.)


What are you doing to protect against spreading Covid-19? 

It is vital that we’re providing transparency and security for both our employees and customers during this unprecedented time. You can learn more about what we’re doing to protect our team members and your family on our Covid-19 Protocol page or reach out to us for answers to any of your questions. 


Should I wash my products? 

Per the FDA: 

Currently there is no evidence of food, food containers, or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19.  Like other viruses, it is possible that the virus that causes COVID-19 can survive on surfaces or objects. For that reason, it is critical to follow the 4 key steps of food safety—clean, separate, cook, and chill
If you are concerned about contamination of food or food packaging, wash your hands after handling food packaging, after removing food from the packaging, before you prepare food for eating and before you eat. Consumers can follow CDC guidelines on frequent hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces.