COVID-19 Protocols

Michigan Fields is carefully following the CDC's guidance to prevent the transmission of coronavirus. These actions include:

    • Hourly cleaning of high-touch areas. All doorknobs and high-touch areas are cleaned and sanitized every hour.

    • Daily floor foaming and sanitizing pre and post production. Floor foamers and brushes are used to clean floors and surfaces daily, both before and after production. Foam is the best way for us to accomplish a deep clean. It holds on to the surface so that chemical sanitizers can fully disinfect through sustained contact. After the foam has been rinsed away it is immediately followed by a sanitizer to ensure safe contact on all surfaces throughout the facility.

    • Hand washing and single-use gloves. Every room is equipped with hand washing stations where staff regularly wash their hands throughout the day. Our team also wears single-use gloves and sleeve protectors, which are changed regularly throughout their shift. 

    • Daily temperature checks and health monitoring. All employees' temperatures are checked prior to their gaining access to our production areas per the CDC's recommendation. All staff stays on property until their shift is complete. Temperatures are checked once more as employees leave the facility. 

    • Biological and ATP testing. All surfaces are swabbed regularly with ATP Testing to ensure that our cleaning procedures are working. Additionally, product samples and floor and air cultures are taken to ensure our facility is as safe as absolutely possible.

    • Social distancing. We are running our facility as lean as possible to give employees a safe amount of distance from one another. Absolutely no one but authorized staff are allowed in at this time. In addition, anyone arriving at the plant for pickup waits in their vehicle for it to be loaded.

    • Contactless Delivery. Our drivers place all delivery orders outside of customer residences and maintain proper social distancing protocols. Once your order is delivered, you will receive a text or email notification that it has arrived.

    • Contactless Curbside Pickup. On-site signage will direct you in your vehicle. On arrival, customers are expected to call or text our plant phone to give their name and order number, and open the trunk of their vehicle.  Our staff will drop your order directly in the vehicle trunk, making no contact with the vehicle. Upon re-entering the facility, hands are washed and gloves are changed.
    • Audits. Our facility is audited by the USDA GAP Program, the FDA and Global Organic Alliance to monitor our food safety protocols and plans.